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Look21 Stuttgart

The Look21

The Scherbaum Group realizes LOOK21!

Work and live in the best location in Stuttgart.

In Stuttgart, between Heilbronner-/Türlen- and Tunzhoferstraße, lies "Look21" - two office buildings and a residential complex. Scherbaum Wohnbau GmbH built the office buildings as general contractor and the residential building as investor/developer.

The buildings are located in the Stuttgart-Nord district and create a bridge between urban infrastructure and green surroundings. Türlenstrasse runs past to the south, Heilbronner Strasse to the east. To the north of the construction site, the buildings on Tunzhofer Strasse border the area. To the west, the Bürgerpark, which we have redesigned, and the Bürgerhospital are opposite (Killesberg). Direct connections to the center of Stuttgart and the proximity to the train station make "Look21" an attractive location. The subway station is right on the property.

On the outside, Look21 represents a clear commitment to city life - on the inside, the project takes up the adjacent greenery and creates an oasis to linger in. This creates a pleasant dialogue between urbanity and nature. Look21 is divided into three parts: two connected office buildings and a residential complex with a four-story underground car park. The 200 rental apartments and a daycare center are being built between the public park we have redesigned and the spacious park of the office buildings.

Particularly striking: the rounded and proud facade facing the city center! Of course, the commercially used components present themselves with all the refinements - from green, calm event areas to attractive back office units.

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