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The Scherbaum philosophy

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Our projects are built on solid foundations and in harmony with the environment. We work on an equal footing with the local people and always place value on a sustainable and long-term nature.


About Us

The Scherbaum family has been active as investors, builders, project developers and general contractors in the commercial and residential real estate sectors for over 35 years.

Whether it's an office building, shopping center or residential complex - the Scherbaum Group has already realized many real estate projects. We invest in new projects, we support and operate the properties - and also maintain them in our own portfolio.

One of our main focuses is the development and identification of tailor-made office properties for selected, creditworthy companies. We support these companies from the very beginning. This means that we search for and buy the right property and, in coordination with the company, create the planning and design requirements for the building permit. We build the building in close cooperation with the company, rent it to the company on a long-term basis and hand it over turnkey.

The second focus is on the development and construction of shopping and retail centers. On a suitable site, we develop retail concepts that are suitable for the location and region in coordination with the municipalities and the major retail chains in Germany.

From time to time we also invest in a project in high-quality residential construction in prime locations.

Since its inception, the Scherbaum Group has developed and built over 500,000 square meters of commercial buildings. Some are still in stock and some have been sold. The clientele with whom we realize these projects consists entirely of first-class companies from home and abroad!

The Scherbaum Group has been active in the field of commercial and residential real estate for over 35 years. This is also a clear sign of stability and reliability.

Today the group of companies is managed by Rainer Scherbaum and Frank Maiberger.

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